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Pokimono App: Sonoda Jin by April-Lily Pokimono App: Sonoda Jin by April-Lily
SUPRISE. Apparently I'm rejoining Pokimono because :iconloverofscythe: decided Kronos needed more pretty boys to play with. And I'm always happy to answer a call for more pretty boys. THOUGH, I'm currently still finishing up a comic job and will not be able to participate in much RP/group stuff for the next two weeks, but after that I'll be around. I just needed to do something to unwind after work and finishing up his written app happened to be it.

Also, I haven't legit colored digitally in about two year and tried a different technique than I previously used so...idk. It's all rly shiney? Textures from origami paper from Japan that i own and scanned.

Name: Sonoda Jin (surname, first name)

Pokemon: Toxicroak

Age: 27

Village: Gale Spring

Job: Healer

Ability: Poison Touch

-Poison Jab 

Likes: Luxurious items such as fine clothing, money, people (one on one), his family, Ginko, shinobue flute, traveling, poison, kampo healing, pressure point healing, food delacacies of the the Jade Imperium, touching people (likes physical contact), people with sharp wits and tongues, gulible people who are easy to manipulate

Dislikes: Boredom, staying in the same place too long, people (in large groups), Ginko, touching people (has a 30% of poisoning someone by touching them), people who can't be reasonsed with, people whe are very dense, battles/having to physically exert himself too much (he's kinda lazy)

Personality: Jin is a people person, flat out. Dressing ostentaciously and acting forwardly, he easily attracts attention to himself and rarely lacks the entertainment of being with another person. He finds people fascinating and entertaining and will often do and say things simply to gain a reaction, and these reactions allow him to learn how a person thinks and acts quickly. Often he judges someone's personality and character within minutes of meeting them, after that it's a game with himself to see if they can surprise him or if his judgements were correct. 

Not only does he assess someone's personality quickly, but also quickly determines what he thinks he can gain from a person. Whatever that is that he could gain will determine how he acts with the person. If there is something he could gain in the long-run, he will do his best to befriend the person. If there is something he can get in the short term, he will act in whatever way he thinks will garauntee him his prize. He's very much a chameleon in personality and will always be whatever he thinks will help him most (or entertain him most) in every given situation. This is also the reason he dislikes groups of people-he can't be what each of them needs to maximize his gain without being obviously seen as two-faced. One on one interactions suit him much better. 

The only people who know his 'real' or geuine personality are his family and Ginko. In actuality, he tends to get too attatched to people or care more than he should for them and does feel guilty for the results of some of his mindgames-but the gain usually outweighs this guilt and allows him to brush it off or bury it internally. 

History: Home may be Gale Spring for Jin, but his heart belongs traveling, a trait he gained from his father. His father came to the Sun Empire from Jade Imperium as a traveling healer, offering his knowledge of herbal medicine to those in need. Eventually he made his way to Gale Spring, settled down there, married a priestess, and together they had three children. 

Jin and his older brother and younger sister grew up at the shrine his mother is a priestess at, all learning traditional practices, rituals, and musical instruments to help with the up-keep of the shrine and the festivals that took place there. And none of it every really struck a chord with Jin. He didn't like being stuck in the same place doing the same things day in and day out in attendance to the shrine.

His brother grew to be the protector of the shrine, the honorable eldest son doing his noble duty to his parents and their legacy at the shrine. His younger sister began preparation to take over as shrine preiestess for their mother....and Jin was simply the restless and somewhat forgotten middle child. His restlessness had been fed over the years by his father's stories of traveling the world and of the Jade Imperium, and when he was 18 he left the shrine with only his knowldge of kampo herbal medicine that his father had passed down to him and a small amount of money he'd saved over the years.

Finally free and able to honor his father in his own way, he took up the job of traveling healer. At first jobs were hard to come by as someone with no reputation, but he learned if you offer your services to both the lawful and unsavory it is possible to earn far more money. Especially if you also don't mind peddling your poison to those unsavory characters as well. 

In time he has gained a reputation as a healer who is more than willing to attend to those ailing on either side of the law, and is a skilled healer. 

No so long ago a young samurai, Ginko, tracked him down while he was passing through and requested that he please save her father, though the family had nothing to repay him with. Telling them he'd collect his payment later, he healed the girl's father. Upon attempting to leave, saying he'd return for payment, Ginko insisted on paying him instead by becoming his bodyguard. The offer was tempting, but he declined. Ginko came anyways, saying it was her duty to repay him. He again argued that he'd just come back for cash later and that she was better off staying there, yet she continued to follow him anyways. Eventually he just gave in.

Ever since the pair has been traveling accross the Sun Empire, making periodic stops where a healer is needed (such as the Theatre in Scorched Mountain to attent to the performers and dancers), answering to requests for a healer, and to those in his large web of aquaintences who need his skills of healing or of poison production

Additional info: 
-6' tall
-Is exremely fast and agile, but but his heavy and ornate way of dressing often hinders this
-Protective of his family 
-Constantly tries to evade Ginko and tell her she's gaurded him long enough for her debt to be paid (but secretly doesn't want to lose her as his traveling partner)
-Protective of Ginko
-As a Toxicroak he produces deadly poison, which he can excreet from both of his middle fingernails
-He doesn't know how many people he's accidentally poisoned, hurt, and possibly killed because of his ability...which is part of the reason he's a healer, to make up for any damage he's accidentally caused (he'd NEVER admit this though)
-He believes strongly in balance
-He's very skilled at the shinobue flute as she's been playing it since a child, originally for shirne festivals and now as a way to pass time traveling
-Morally ambiguous
-Is fond of Shira, my previous pokimono character, and attends to her as a healer at the Theatre
-Half Sun Emperian, half Jade Imperiumian (so basically like half Japanese, half Chinese)
-His mind games often get him in trouble, if it leads to a fight he WILL try to evade and escape. If Ginko is around she will jump in to protect him, or if worst comes to worst he will use his poison.
-Sometimes get mistaken for a chick
-His a smooth and melodious voice
-He has birthmarks like the markings of a Toxicroak
-His nails are naturally blue, save for his middle fingernails which are red and poisonous 
-Medicine wise he's VERY good at treating poisons and venoms because he's so well acquainted with them, being a poison type himself
-Lived in the Sun Empire before the Kami War and made a fair chunk of money off of healing the wounded during and after the war (he was always a far away from the battles though)
-Can be quite cowardly 

Ginko is :iconcounterfeit-placebo:'s character. 

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gingerlisous23 Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
who is this beautiful creature QwQ
April-Lily Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Bahahaha, I giant flirty jerk XD Though i don't really use him in poki anymore <_<;;;
gingerlisous23 Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
awww qwq he is fabulous though <3
April-Lily Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That he is indeed and he knows it ;D
gingerlisous23 Featured By Owner May 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol XD 
CrowMoe Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
oh hi mister
Hinata-Aron Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Dang is he ever so sexy!

I love teh fact that he is a hearler while he can also poison people. He's a very intresting guy
Jenndragon Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Wonderful usage of texture! The colors go nicely together and your lineart looks so criiisp <3
justamuse Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So it's official! Back to belly of the beast that is Pokimono~! Aww, hug all the wonderful peeps still there. :iconhappytearplz:
KumoriNinja08 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Hwahh what a beautiful looking guy *u* Hope to rp with him sometime >u<
Master-Kankuro Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
A really pretts guy. Would be cool to see him around Scorced Mountain at my Fushishi´s  Kabuki-theatre someday. *____*
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*wheezes* now i know what his colors are *LAFF*
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Angelicangel69 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG! He is so handsome :iconryojidaisyplz: *touch*
Love the style! his kimono is really nicely done. The style and texture really nicely done. :D
Welcome back to the group as well! :iconholaplz: seeing as you are rejoining again. Hopefully will see you around once you done your little job.
VanillatheNeko Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconhnnghnosebleedplz: Great now I wanna draw sexy Men too >~<
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Love his outfit! Gorgeous as always. :)
I joined a group too recently. :3
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